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Action Learning

The context

Organisations need to learn to respond to changing contexts and to grow and innovate. In practice this means that there is a need to do things differently and to experiment and take risks.  This is impossible to teach conventionally. It requires a different type of learning based on a cycle of reflection on current circumstances, situations or actions.

Action learning

This dynamic learning process is action learning and was developed by Professor Reginald Revans. In action learning individuals bring their current concerns and issues to a 'set' of about six peers and this is facilitated by a consultant. The peers listen, support, challenge and encourage the individual to think about their issue from new perspectives, to reflect on their own involvement in the issue and come up with new ways of approaching the problem.

How we can help you

We are able to provide facilitators for Action Learning Sets. The key roles of the facilitator will be to ensure that a climate of mutual trust and learning is established and maintained and the focus remains on learning about the real issues.